SC studio offers to architects and decorators around the globe a sensitive and artistic expression of wall surface treatment.

True creations or reproductions of walls from around the world, Stephane Chiavarini’s work is inspired from his travels and research for colors and mural textures created by human hand and time. French artist trained by “maîtres artisans” to waxed concrete in Paris, to ancient Tadelakt technics in Marrakech, to Italian Stuccos coatings in Milan, Stephane Chiavarini combines this palette of know how to create his own.

He develops exclusive mural treatments with handmade coatings and rare pigments from all four corners of the world, cold metallization technics (copper, golden brass, iron…) and gold coating for architectural and Interior design projects for retail, hospitality or residential.

His creation process is a study of textures, finishes calibration, on demand patinas. His work enhances the alchemy of light, colors schemes, metallic and mineral patterns.

SC studio mural works are meaningful authentic decors exalting texture.

Workshop: info@chiavarini.com

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